I have made many small projects, however, I have made 2 large scale projects: Leo GPT and my website design template. I am in the process of developing a piece of software called AI Combiner.


Leo GPT is an AI-replication of myself. It combines 3 AI models together: GPT 3.5, Elevenlabs and SadTalker. You can enter text and it will answer you with a deepfake of myself.

All of this is on a full stack web application that I programmed using the MERN technology stack.

I started programming this project in April of 2023 and finished in June of 2023.

Web design template

I created a web design template. It is a set of Figma designs which allowed me to learn about web design.

By doing this, I learned how to design websites and web apps.

AI Combiner (in progress)

AI Combiner is a piece of software I am currently developing. It has the goal of making it easy to combine different AI models together.

It uses Next JS and Firebase, Open AI models, as well as many others, and the Stripe API for payments.

It is my most advanced project as of yet.