About Me​

Hi, I’m Leo. In 2020, I started learning about web development. Now, I do it professionnally.

Hello! I’m Leo, a web developper and designer.

I specialize in making performing websites and web applications. Not only do I do this freelancing for others, but I also create projects for fun.

This keeps me up to date with the newest technologies, because I use my hobby projects to try out new technologies.

Quickly adapting to the newest technologies
I can provide the best possible service by adapting to the best and most innovative technologies

The world of web development is a constantly changing one. The dominating technologies come and go very fast in this field, and in this ever-changing landscape, it is my job to adapt to the newest ones.

I currently am proficient with the very popular MERN stack ( which stands for Mongo DB, Express JS, React JS and Node JS), which I use in most of my projects (or a version of it). However, I also use Firebase to handle the business logic and database because of its simplicity, and I am in the process of learning Svelte and Svelte Kit, a frontend framework which is more performant than the current industry-leader, React JS.

How I learned web development and design

Building a web application from start to finish isn’t easy. It took me a long time to learn all of the different aspects of it. I started off learning frontend development – how to program the user interface of an application. This led to me learning HTML, CSS and JavaScript, and later on, TypeScript, React JS, Tailwind CSS and Next JS. It all started with my taking of a course on JavaScript. This taught me everything there is to know about its syntax and how to program web applications using it.

Next, I learned Backend development- the business logic. After having taken a course on JavaScript, I was proficient enough to learn using just documentation. I programmed many small projects until I fully understood Express.JS, Node.JS and Mongo DB. After that, I programmed my biggest project as of yet, Leo GPT, a full stack web application.
The most recent skill I have aquired has been graphic design using Figma. I took a course to learn this. Now, I can create web applications.